About Us


Dagem Kennedy (DK) General trading PLC, established in the year 2010, is a multi-sector business company in the field of Metal and metal related products and services, mainly focusing on agricultural and transport sectors, with the objective of assisting and participating in the current transformation policy of our country. Extending its engineering sector, from metal engineering, now Dagem Kennedy General trading is a comprehensive engineering company, with fulfilled departments of metal engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering departments.

Main Descriptions of Dagem Kennedy, are

     Metal Engineering (Production and services)
Agricultural mechanization
Import and supply  
Electric Elevator Department

1. Metal Engineering department

This department has two sections, the metal manufacturing and the engine servicing sectors,

A. Metal Manufacturing





B.  Engine replenishing-  

Crankshaft grinding

Con-rod Heating

Surface Grinding

Cylinder Boring

Air-Float boring

2.  Agricultural Mechanization

Manufacturing and import of, agricultural implements like threshers, water pumps, agricultural trailers, different ploughs

3.   Import and supply

Importing Machineries, installation, commissioning, to the extent of turn- key factories of any type.

4.   Elevator Department

Importing and Installation of different types of Elevators, escalators.

Name Surname
  • Tewodros W/Gabriel
  • Position: General Manager
  • Phone: 094 431-8066
  • Email: jony1st@gmail.com
Name Surname
  • Girmaye W/Gabriel
  • Position: Dupty Manager
  • Phone: 091 162-5261
  • Email: girmayewolde@gmail.com
Name Surname
  • Zerihun Tomas
  • Position: Operational Manager
  • Phone: 091 124-7498
  • Email: zerihundk@gmail.com